Afghan Girl
Smoking Coal Miner
Gujarati Girl at Home
Red Boy
Afghan Girl with Green Shawl
Fishermen at Weligama
Mother and Child on Tonle Sap
Young Wodaabe Man
Courtship Ritual
Man Participates in Opium Ceremony
Bengali Woman and Child
Gypsy Boy
Baluchi Farmer
Sadhu at Ratha Jatra Festival
Yong Rinpoche
Train Platform at Old Delhi
Shaolin Monks Training
Dust Storm
Procession of Nuns, Rangoon
Impromptu Football Match
Boy in Mid-Flight
Kashmir Flower Seller
Kashmiri Man with Henna Beard
Herat After Ten Years of Bombing
Woman in Canary Burqa
Mingun Pagoda
Monk Running on Wall
Omo Children Playing
Train Station, Agra
Rabari Shepherd
Monk at the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa
Tibet Boy
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